• Watchman Home Access 1000x350

Watchman Controller

The Watchman Controller is an upgradable, programmable, and internet connected device that communicates with NousLogic sensors and other IOT devices in real time to manage  the access to your home and monitor events that are happening inside your home.

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DoSomething Sensor

The NousLogic DoSomething sensor is a small battery powered bluetooth low energy device that can be programmed to notify your smart phone or sound the alarm in two different ways:

  • Programmed to do something if it is moved.
  • Scheduled to remind you to do something until it is moved.

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Watchman App

The Watchman App manages NousLogic sensors and communicates with the Watchman Controller to provide highly secure and encrypted (using the same SSL technology for secure internet e-commerce transactions) access to your home.

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